Hello Fellow Beer Nerds!

The Ales club hopes everyone is doing well during this pandemic; and hope that with the extended time at home you’re either getting brewing in, or are drinking quality local beers.

This weekend we will be hosting an online “Introduction to All Graining Brewing” course via Zoom for anyone who would like a first hand look at what is required to brew a beer from scratch. We are encouraging everything that is interested to join in and drink a few, ask questions, and hopefully learn a few things about all-grain brewing. In the past, we would normally do a PowerPoint presentation and display equipment used. This weekend, we will actually be brewing the “All Together” homebrew kit from Prairie Brew Supply. While we are brewing, we’ll discuss the equipment required, mashing process, sparging, the boil, and fermentation.

Zoom Login Details:
Topic: ALES Club Introduction to All-Grain Brewing
Time: Jun 6, 2020 12:00 PM Saskatchewan
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You do not require a Zoom account to join.

How the meeting will be structured:
– We will go over all the required pieces of equipment
– Mash process and information associated with the mash
– Sparge process
– Boil process
– Hop utilization and selection of hops for a beer
– Discussion of fermentation

Within this Zoom call, as there is a lot of downtime during the brewing process, we may notify you of these delays in the event that you want to jump in and out of the call. Also, I believe we’ll have everyone muted, but we will encourage questions via the chat, and we’ll ensure those questions are answered. This is our first crack at a large meeting like this, so please bear with us.

For those interested in the All Together beer recipe and intent of the movement please visit: https://alltogether.beer/

If you are interested in purchasing this beer kit, please visit: https://prairiebrewsupply.ca/product/all-together/

As we will be brewing the New England IPA version of this beers, we strongly suggest purchasing and enjoying a local NEIPA while you’re on the call. Some suggestions include:
Black Bridge Brewing New England
Rebellion Brewing Hazy IPA
Pile O’ Bones Brewing Kveik
Malty National Brewing Company Snap Another IPA
9 Mile Legacy Brewing Eagles and Bulldogs
(and others – my apologies for anything options missed).

To sum up this email, we look forward to sharing the home brew day process with you. We note that this is not limited to just ALES members; we encourage you to share this with your friends who may be interested in brewing beer, but have yet to make the plunge! The more the merrier!

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you Saturday for our Introduction to All Graining Brewing.