In the heart of Regina, you’ll find its only downtown brewery, Pile O’ Bones Brewing Company. Founded by four award winning homebrewers, and all-round good guys, they handcraft their beers in small batches using traditional and cutting-edge brewing methods and ingredients.

They are craft beer drinkers and award-winning home brewers. They know you only get out of a beer what you put into it. That’s why they are committed to using the best quality ingredients they can get our hands on and treating them with respect. Whether it’s malt and other grains, water, yeast or hops; they pay attention to every detail to ensure they are producing a quality craft beer for you.

Their line includes a variety of beers: White IPA, Session IPA, Red Ale, Cranberry Kettle Sour, Scarth Street Ale and Cold Brew Americano Stout.