$ 150.00

Stainless Steel 304 Charcoal Filter – without valve

A stainless steel charcoal filter for use for small scale filtering.  Fill the stainless steel tube with activated charcoal and seal up the tube with our perforated plates with tri-clamps to keep the charcoal from spilling out.  The 6″ X 5.5″ stainless steel funnel on top is wide enough to pour your spirits into the tube with ease.  The stainless steel ball valve is used to manually control the flow of spirits draining through the Home Distiller Charcoal Filter to allow more time for the spirits to interact with the activated charcoal.

We have included optional parts on this drawing to show customers what the possible assembly options may look like.  The filter can connect directly to a tri-clamp collection vessel directly from the ball valve if there is an air valve on the collection vessel to avoid an air lock. Or you may choose to add a 2″ to 1/2″ barbed hose adapter to drain into any collection vessel you have.

You can also remove the 6″ x 5.5″ stainless steel filter and attach the Home Distiller Charcoal Filter directly to your still and allow your spirts to drain directly through the activate charcoal instead of manually pouring the spirits.

It is still a best practice to insert a paper coffee filter after the bottom sieve to capture any charcoal dust that may still reside in the active charcoal after its initial cleaning.

The application options are endless.

We have added the optional products as related products to the Home Distiller Charcoal Filter so you can easily add the products to your shopping cart.  Or you can choose one of our Home Distiller Charcoal – Kits that meets your design needs giving you a reduced price.

(2) 18″ Stainless steel 304 tube with 2″ ferrule on both ends.
(1) 6″ x 5.5″ Stainless Steel funnel with a 2″ ferrule.
(3) Tri-clamps and gaskets
(1) Bottom Stainless Steel 2″ sieve
(1) Top Stainless Steel 2″ sieve (Optional)
(1) 2″ to 1/2″ barb stainless steel adapter (Optional)


To keep the Home Distiller Charcoal Filter affordable we are making the valve as an optional purchase, but we encourage you to purchase one.  Some customers may choose alternate ways to control the flow of the spirits or may already have tri-clamp valves on hand.


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