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220L Renewed Oak Barrel

Once used Wine Barrels that have gone through a our coopering process of being sanded down to new wood and chard or toasted to the customers specifications.  The coopering process allows the once used, high quality, wine barrels to perform like a brand new barrel.  This allows the barrels to aerate and transfer its colour and flavour to the spirits, and provides your spirits all the benefits of a new whisky or bourbon barrel at a fraction of the price to you.

Wine barrels are also known to be made with a level of quality above spirit barrels and only used once before our sold.  Unlike many used spirt barrels, that may have already been used several times before being sold, inner staves are not required to transfer any colour or flavour of the barrel to your spirits.   In addition, our renewed barrels will allow the aeration of your spirits without having to go through the rolling process, unlike used barrels.

Wood Species: Oak
Average size is 220-240 Litres
Weight: 100-150 Lbs
Size: 36″h X 32″W
No oils or varnishes
Branded with the Manufacturers Logo

Bulk Purchase Discounts
1-50: 5%
51-100: 10%
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At Still On Tap, we love our trees.  Instead of discarding used wine barrels, we renew these barrels with our proprietary cooperage process.  Now these 220L renewed American oak barrels can be used up to to 30 years.  Because they are so versatile,  they make a great investment for any distillery or winery.

These 220L Renewed American Oak Barrels are from wineries across Canada and the United States and imported to our cooperage near Edmonton Alberta.  We choose winery barrels over spirit barrels because of their high level of craftsmanship and beauty.  They are truly a work of art that can be put on displayed to show off your product.

In our propitiatory cooperage process, our barrels are sanded down to fresh wood.  We then char or toast our renewed barrels to your specifications, so you can achieve your character and flavours for your product.  Our renewed barrels can be used to age and flavour spirits, wines and beer.



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Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 812.8 × 812.8 × 914.4 cm

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