This is a very unique Saskatchewan experience. The Northern Lights are a fantastic experience in itself, but how many of have gone up north to Meadow Lake and seen it for itself in Northern Saskatchewan and attend a brew festival on a lake.

I grew up in rural Western Saskatchewan along the Number One highway. The best part of summer was watching the northern lights, uninterrupted by the big city lights. It is one of the most spectacular shows Mother Nature puts on. We would have our bush parties, sit by a bonfire and sit under the stars. Even in the summer we could get a light show once in a while, the winter parties were spectacular.

Now, Multiworks is excited to announce that we will be hosting the second annual Northern Lights Brew Fest on Friday, April 17 2020 in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, from 6 PM – 2 AM in the Meadow Lake Arena.

From 6pm-10pm there will be a “trade show” set up on the ice surface. You can buy tokens and go around to each vendor to sample their products. There will be various different draft beers, wines, vodka and more! If and I’m sure you will, love their products Parkland Hotel will be running the vendors offsale in the lobby.

Following the trade show there will be a dance with live music and a cash bar.

For more information or tickets please contact one of the following committee members

Monica Koller- 306-240-8559
Deanne Cheze- 306-304-2865
Lyn Suarez- 306- 304-2078